PET bottle recycling process

PET bottle recycling process

PET that stands for Polyethylene terephthalate is amongst the widely used plastics across the World. Owe it to its ubiquitous reach and recyclable nature that you could easily find PET being used for varying purposes around you. One of the most prominent being use of PET bottles for packaging carbonated drinks and mineral water.

PET is most easily recyclable material and because of the same PET is gaining Popularity and use of the PET is also increasing at faster pace then any other plastic. In INDIA nearly 90% of USED water and cold drink bottles of PET is being recycled every year and the PET bottle recycling business has attracted an intrinsic economical value.

Economic potential of PET recycling business is expected to be about 10000 crore, annually in India. Apart from this PET recycling is generating around direct and indirect employment for more than 5 lakh people annually. There are numerous organized and unorganized players engrossed in recycling activities. Hence, we can say that with certainty that PET recycling is an important stakeholder in a growing economy.

Recycled PET bottles can be processed into varying items ranging from sports and activewear, cushion fillings, fabrics, agricultural products, and durable products for home and business purposes. We are still expanding the horizons of products where recycled PET could be used. Yet, one thing remains certain and that is its ubiquitous reach.

Well, if you have been wondering about the PET bottle recycling process, we are here to guide you through.

1 Collection of waste PET bottle.

Indeed the first step to recycling begins with the collection of waste. PET bottles are easy to recognize and segregate is its key for high rate of collection. Even a Swacchta Grahi can identify water or cold drink bottle without any education and due to the same it is being collected and sorted to sell them further to traders. These traders are usually Kabadiwallas who would collect these PET bottles and sell them to Recycling units.  These traders would remove metal scraps, labels, caps, and bottle ring before baling the bottles in compressed packing.

2 Sorting

Once the collected PET bottles arrive at the recycling unit, they are scrutinized and any non-recyclable unit is removed from the batch. There are different colored bottles like transparent, green, brown and other. Recyclers segregate different colored bottles and process these colored bottles separately.

To achieve good quality of the final PET Flakes sorting and segregation is very important and crucial. To support segregation there are high end polymer and color sorter machines are available which ensure high quality and this of high end machineries are installed at processing plant of JB ECOTEX LLP.

3 Shredding

Once the plastic is sorted, it is shredded into small pieces and these shredded material is called as unwashed PET Flakes. Shredding makes the process of cleaning easy and more effective. Large recycling units have large-scale automated plants to shred plastic bottles. Once shredded into small pieces, the process is taken further for cleaning.

4 Cleaning

For cleaning of unwashed PET Flakes there is series of process as per quality requirement which involved chemically treated solutions, hot water and solvents to remove all sorts of impurities and dirt. Under the cleaning process grinding of caps, dirt, glue and other impurity is being removed. After cleaning and drying final resultant product is called PET FLAKES.

5 Quality assessment

At this step batches of recycled flakes are assessed for quality check. As mentioned earlier, the use of recycled pet bottles is varied. Hence, a qualitative assessment is crucial before the Recycled pet flakes are sent for further use.

6 Flakes Level Sorting

To achieve high end quality PET flakes, these PET Flakes can be processed further with help of flakes sorters machines like polymer sorter, metal sorter and color sorter. JB ECOTEX has installed all these sorters to achieve best quality product and as policy no compromise is being made in quality.

7 Conversion into products.

In INDIA Pet flakes are used on a large scale to manufacture recycled polyester staple fiber and in INDIA nearly 40+ large scale PET Bottle recycler to Polyester Staple Fiber. However, its use isn’t limited to it and it can be use for other application also like PET strap manufacturing, PET sheet manufacturing, Mono filament yarn and many other. Apart from some of fiber manufacturer there are lots of small PET recycler who sale PET Flakes in the market for other application also.

Summing up, plastic waste isn’t always the problem. The problem lies in ineffective means to address that waste. PET is the most recycled plastic in the World and the exceptional uses it propagates opens avenues of opportunities for the PET recycling market across the Globe.

At JB Ecotex, we recycle 6000 Metric Tonne of PET bottles per month to produce our OEKO Tex certified, high-graded RPSF. We manufacture nearly 5000 MT of RPSF and around 1000MT of PET Flakes of premium quality every month by recycling these PET bottles. If Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber or PET Flakes is your need, we can address it effectively, as per your demands within no time.

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