Recycle Polyester Staple Fiber Manufacturing Process

Polyester Staple Fiber Manufacturing Process

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Polyester staple fiber has become a possible candidate to become the future material used primarily in Polyester textile production. Many people are unaware of the process applied for making this valuable material item.

Paving the way to the future of textiles 

Polyester Staple Fiber is a sustainable option to replace expensive and overexploited natural resources such as petroleum and its derivatives. It is most likely to be the raw material all manufacturing companies will use in the future for many reasons.

Process Involved In Making Polyester Staple Fiber

The process is a two-step process that involves making the raw material (PET flakes) and then making the recycled fiber.

Step 1: Making PET Flakes

  • PET bottles are the starting point and first need to be collected from waste collection centers and crushed to a compressed form that makes transportation to the recycling facility easier.
  • Once here, the bottles are washed to clean and remove any liquids or impurities left inside them.
  • The bottles are then fed onto a conveyor belt and sorted according to the color of the bottle and rotated around a machine to remove paper and plastic labels, the result is a plain transparent bottle. In the last step, the bottles are loaded into a large shredding machine which cuts the bottles into smaller pieces called PET flakes. This is the resource used to make Polyester Staple Fiber.

Step 2: Making Polyester Staple Fiber

  • The PET flakes are then emptied and fed into machines that will melt the flakes into a liquid mixture.
  • This mixture is then put through a chain of machines that run the fibers continuously around itself so that it becomes longer.
  • Next, a number of fibers are heated and conjoined to form a stronger fiber quality.
  • The strands are still spun around many machines to make the fiber long and string, it is then cooled using water.
  • These fibers are then combined to make a fabric called polyester staple fiber which can be used for a range of purposes.

The process involved in making PSF is sustainable and makes use of an object that is otherwise described as waste. Adopt this sustainable product and help the environment. Search through these products to get the Best Quality Polyester Staple Fiber In Surat today!

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