Start a Polyester Staple Fiber by PET Bottles

PET Bottles Starting Stage Of Polyester Staple Fiber

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Many of you might be familiar with Polyester Staple Fiber is a crucial element for the textile market. Most of you are not familiar with the process in which it is produced from PET bottles.

A sustainable approach to renewable resources

The steps involved in turning this waste product into an economically valuable product is a long but rewarding procedure. The company collects waste bottles from waste collection centers that have been compressed to simplify handling and transport.

Process of Starting Polyester Staple Fiber From PET bottles

Once the raw materials (PET) have been collected they can be processed into the next step of the chain.

  • First, the bottles are put through a rotating machine that eliminates all lightweight non-plastic materials such as paper bottles.
  • Next, the bottles are washed to clean them and remove harmful impurities.
  • This leads to the bottles being loaded onto a constantly moving conveyor belt that allows workers to pick out and separate bottles based on color and plastic quality.
  • The grouped bottles need to be shredded into smaller shredded chunks to increase ease of use. These chunks are called PET Flakes and constitute the starting material in the process of manufacturing Polyester Staple Fiber.
  • The PET flakes are fed into the system which leads to a high-temperature machine that melts the flakes into a molten form that will allow the plastic to change shape.
  • Here this melted plastic is sent through a collection of repeating machines that pull the plastic to form thin strands.
  • These strands are continuously run to make them longer and stronger by combining several strands.
  • These strands are cooled to allow the solid formation and used to spin fabric. The final product is Polyester Staple Fiber, recycled plastic resource use in the textile industry.

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